Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My top 5 everyday Makeup Products I’m currently Lurving

All products are Nutrimetics, which means formulated with the purest natural ingredients, vegan friendly, NOT tested on animals and NO hidden nasties!!

1.       Cover Rich foundation in Biscotti

-          Such amazing coverage!!

-          Doesn’t make me break out

-          Lasts all day even without a primer

-          Soft, smooth, flawless, natural finish LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

2.       Peach blush and Brozer (yes two products, but they are on one line so they count as one right?)

-          Peach gives an amazing warm summer feel to your face

-          Matte finishes

-          Great for nude looks

-          As the Bronzer is matte it is PERFECT for contouring!!


3.       Hydra-lipstick in Dusk

-          Perfect nude lip with a hint of colour

-          Soothes and hydrates!

-          Long lasting

4.       WOW-Brow

-          Cannot express how good this is!!!

-          Perfect brows every time (even my crazy thick out of control ones)

5.       Liquid eyeliner

-           Perfect wings!!

-          Doesn’t smudge

-          All day wear!!

So many exclamation marks!
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blue Bells

Ok so for Spring this year, we are taking a trip back to the 90's, yes the blue lids are back!!!  Don't fear though, you can pull this look off and avoid the disastrous flashbacks if you stick to a few simple rules. 
1.  If you are doing a bright eye like blue, do stick to a nude lip and keep it light on the cheeks, a NC Peach blush or our NC Bronzer will compliment
2. Be mindful of your application, where and how much! A little goes a long way
3. Do practice at home on before your outing if you are a bit cautious!
4. First time user since the 90's or in general?? Try starting out with subtle looks e.g. use an angled brush along the lash lines (very lightly on the bottom), not on the waterline. 

For those who want a BAM HOT LOOK!!

1. Use NC Titanium eyeshadow to cover lid, dab with full brush to emphasise pigment
2. Use NC Turquoise with a smaller brush or angled to follow your crease and slightly wing your shadow.
3. You can use black pencil or liquid eye liner along the top lashes!
4. Dont forget mascara!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Healthy body = healthy mind

Ok ladies and gentlemen!

Why is it that we dont think about our bodies until summer??!! So I've a tip, July/August is the new summer ladies!! You have to get into that mindset so you are fighting fit by the time the warmer weather pops over. Yes I know it is the end of August, but it is not too late to start, set weekly or monthly challenges!

Challenge Number 1! 

Eat well and move your body for 30 mins a day! Whether its fast walking, star jumping, pushup competitions, who cares, just get your heart beating and blood pumping!

Try 'clean eating' for a week, yes that is a no to all processed foods/drinks. Try and reduce your cane sugar intake also (i have seen a large improvement in my skin since cutting it out). Im not a big fan of the term clean eating, its thrown around like it is a phase or a diet, when simply it is a lifestyle. Its what our Nans  grew up on!! So if Nanny wouldn't know what it is, dont eat it:)
Because we are so spoilt with choice today, such as Oreos (mmm mouth watering Oreos) it can be difficult, hence why I suggest to start off with a week, and once you complete your week of eating well and exercising reward yourself with a movie ticket, or new running singlet. I like to purchase Lorna Jane after I complete a months worth. 
It then becomes a lifestyle and your body will love you for it!

Now go and get a wriggle on!


Summer Inspiration

Getting this look???

1.  Using NC brown eye pencil along the lid of the lashes, smudge out using an angle brush
2. NC Eyeshadow in chocolate in the outer 'V' 
3. Use angled brush with the chocolate eyeshadow to create a soft but dramatic look under the eyes.

NC Warm peach to give the summery feel

NC Renewal lipstick in WHIMSY

NC Contouring Eyebrow pencil, Bare

Gorgeous right!?!?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MakeUp Artistry?? - Run at me!

I have decided to take my obsession of make up just that little further, I have joined the NC Line as I am all for el รก naturale!!

Over the past few months I have been learning about the business and their products (it has passed my high quality test!) and have to decided to take the bull by the horns! So my blogs, (who would have thought) will entail make up and skincare tips, tricks and trends, all with natural ingredients!

Not only am I obsessed with makeup/skin care but I have a passion for life, being the best you can be both physically and mentally!

Fitness - Make Up - Skincare - Naturally

Watch This Space